Correct diagnosis and apt treatment is the right of every patient. But due to the lack of perfect database of best medical facilities, the patients often find it very difficult to find the right diagnostic labs and the best doctors. Hence they fall prey to wrong diagnosis and false treatment which is easily and nearly available to them.

After all! What is that we have to design JAAI TM

JAAI TM is created for the patients to ease their search for the right medical facilities near them.
JAAI TM is the result of constant efforts and hard work of the team of doctors and engineers. We have a shortage of time as well as due to the pressure of work and responsibilities, we become careless about ourselves and the health of our family. Many times in our family after being ill, we think that if we wish them to be tested on time, we could get treatment for them in time. Many times we think about having a health test for our parents, but due to lack of this is not possible.
JAAI TM is the solution to these entire problems. Through JAAI TM we will be able to keep the health care of ourselves and our family better.
JAAI TM facilitate you for your investigations in your neighborhood and in the laboratory of your trust so that you are fully satisfied with your laboratory reports.
From JAAI TM, you will now be able to get your investigations done very smoothly and at your doorstep.

Our goal and our inspiration.

The aim of JAAI TM is to strengthen the existing medical facilities for diagnosis and treatment in India. Our inspiration is not merely, work is worship but “right work in right direction with honesty is worship”. We invite you to join with JAAI TM and work towards creating a better, acknowledged and healthy society.